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30 Oct '12

We want to give you $50 for new Retailers!!

 Over the past year we have seen incredible growth in the MoH community! We've gained over 250 new retailers all across North America and we want to continue to build on that. 

We talk with every store owner or manager we work with to understand how we can help them sell and make their customers happy. Through these conversations we are constantly amazed by the enthusiasm our retailers have for our products and that's something we want to REWARD! 

So we are giving a $50 Visa gift card for EVERY new retailer that is referred to us. (There is no limit to how many retailers someone can refer, if you know 10 new stores that would benefit from carrying our products, that's $500 in your pocket!)


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Posted by egejbu on December 27, 2012

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Posted by Parimala on December 09, 2012

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