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28 Aug '13

Boston Bombing Suspect Shootout Pictures

Creative Commons License
Each of these pictures on this page together with the description of them are individually licensed by Andrew Kitzenberg with the requirement of attribution to Andrew Ktizenberg and a reference to his company’s website www.getonhand.com under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

These pictures have been made available to the public for free and I have asked that all news and media outlets please donate a contribution to The ONE FUND Boston.  Please let us know about your donation by emailing media@getonhand.com



UPDATE 2:55PM 4/26/2013: All net proceeds from the sale our BOSTON STRONG USB Wristbands will be donated to the One Fund Boston.  We have already collected over $10,000 to support the victims of the Boston Marathon Attacks.


UPDATE 11:00AM 4/24/2013: The pictures are back up and available to the public.  


UPDATE 3:20PM 4/23/2013: I have decided to take down the photos during the ongoing investigation.


On Thursday night [Friday morning] at 12:45am EST.  I was in my living room working on my computer when I heard multiple “pops” coming from outside.  At that point, I had no idea that I was about to become an eye witness to the biggest news story in the country.


When I looked outside my window, I could clearly see two people (the Tsarnaev brothers) taking cover behind an SUV and engaging in gunfire. After witnessing shots being fired I promptly ran up the stairs to my 3rd floor bedroom to distance myself a little further away from the gunfire. As I ran into my room, overwhelmed by shock, adrenaline, and curiosity, I jumped onto my bed to stay below the windows but also have a clear view at the shooters and photograph the event. As soon as I was laying safely on my bed I started taking pictures with my iPhone 5 and captured the following images that documented the terrifying shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers, which then led to an overnight citywide manhunt.



 Here are the two brothers taking cover behind the black Mercedes SUV and shooting towards Watertown Police officers. (Taken at 12:46:11AM)



 The shooters were also driving the green sedan on the left. They had the back passenger door open and were going back into the car where they had additional supplies (assumingly, more ammunition and explosives). They also had backpacks at their feet where they also had additional supplies.



 This is a view from the west-facing window in my bedroom and at the end of the block (Laurel St.) you can see multiple police vehicles. These vehicles were about 75-80 yards from the shooters. (Taken at 12:46:25AM)



 Here it’s clear to see the brothers taking aim and firing on the officers. (Taken at 12:47:57AM)



 This is a zoomed in view from the last image. The red circle highlights the pressure cooker bomb that was used just moments after this photo was taken. The use of this explosive created an enormous cloud of smoke that covered the entire street. While the street was still cloudy with smoke one of the brothers started running down the street towards the officers, while still engaging them in gunshots. As he got closer to the officers, within 10 -15 yards of them he was taken down. From my vantage point I did not see whether he was tackled to the ground or brought down by gunshots.



As the one brother was running toward the officers the second got back into the SUV, turned it around in the street and proceeded to accelerate at the vehicle barricade. This image shows the black SUV charging the officer vehicles. (Taken 12:50:57AM)



This is a zoom-in from the last image and the red circle highlights where one of the brothers was taken down and still laying in the street. The black SUV proceeded to accelerate towards the officers and drove in between the two cars at the top of the picture. The SUV side swiped both cars taking out doors and windows and ultimately broke through the vehicle barricade and continued driving west on Laurel St. This was the last I saw of the black SUV.



This image was taken from the east-facing window. As soon as the black SUV had left the street officers rushed toward the green sedan and the spot of the shooting. As soon as officers got to the vehicle they started alerting all others on scene that there were “IEDs” on the street and for everyone examining the scene to clear the entire street. Also pictured at the bottom of the image is a Watertown Police SUV that had crashed in our driveway at the start of the gunfight and had many of its windows shot out. (Taken 12:57:52AM)



At the bottom of this image is the blast mark from the pressure cooker bomb that exploded in the middle of the street. At the top of the image, the bright light is a bomb detecting robot that was moving toward the blast mark. (Taken at 1:20:10AM)



Here bomb squad personnel inspect the blast mark of the large explosion.  (Taken 1:39:22AM)



Here heavily armed agents are still in search of the suspect on Laurel St. (Taken 2:14:54AM)



Here is the bomb detecting robot inspecting the vehicle from the back right passenger seat. (Taken at 2:49:19AM)



After shooting had stopped my roommate found a bullet hole that penetrated his west-facing wall and continued to pierce through his desk chair. His room is on the 2nd floor corner of the house, closest to the street, with west and south facing walls



The bomb squad had finally inspected the entire vehicle and all the backpacks beside it and have cleared the area.  (Taken 5:45:25AM)



Armed Agents searching and evacuating all homes on Laurel St. They evacuated ours shortly after this photo was taken. (Taken at 6:01:17AM)


After being evacuated from our home, we spent a long and emotionally straining day in our neighbor’s house down the block. My roommates and I are all very grateful that we made it through such a terrifying event unharmed. These kind of horrifying events make you realize how precious life really is and the need to cherish every moment you have. You quickly reflect on the people that surround you and how important those relationships are in your life. I know I am truly blessed to have my health and safety after this horrible event and am thankful for every person that has touched my life. Thank you to all of my family, friends, and the incredible number of people who reached out with love and support.

Truly Blessed,



P.S. Thanks to Acceleration Partners & Growth Spark for all their help and advice.


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Posted by Johna788 on May 26, 2014

What happened to the cop who crashed the SUV in your driveway. You say the windows were shot out, meaning they must have been shooting at each other at very close range with your house as a backdrop. Your house would have many bullet holes in it. Any pictures of those?

Posted by Say What? on April 17, 2014

if you really want to get an understanding of how pathetic and deluded the minds of habitual conspiracy theorists are… read the comments.

Posted by pat on April 17, 2014

This is to all your morons who think these photo’s represent ANYTHING but what it was… a shoot-out with the two dumb-asses and local police….Get a freakin’ life! That means, get off your computer, and your ass, go outside and find reality. Too you, nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. I pity you stupid, gullible idiots.

Posted by Michael on April 17, 2014

So many conspiracy nut jobs commenting here.

Posted by Kevin on April 17, 2014

who is hiding behind a car – directly within its lights???

nobody with the need to protect and hide would do this.

Posted by diefans on April 29, 2013

In pictures #6 and #7 I do not see the black SUV charging police as described. I see the headlights of police vehicles and the green Honda Civic, no sign of the Benz.

Posted by mattw on April 29, 2013

In pictures #6 and #7 I do not see the black SUV charging police as described. I see the headlights of police vehicles and the green Honda Civic, no sign of the Benz.

Posted by mattw on April 29, 2013

This is one of Andrew Kitzenberg marketing tools to promote his website for his products…

One more thing.. HWY not Andrew reply to any of these comments?

and one more thing again..lol..
The chair on the 2nd floor that you claimed the hole from gun shot. IS there a screen on the window? IF SO.. IS there any hole on the screen?
Just say someone from the street shoot up to second floor window .. it WILL NOT hit the chair at all.. it will hit the ceiling..for sure.
So many holes on chair.. and must be the chair on first floor and the shooter is right in front of window .. shooting straight..to the chair..

BTW to those who comments about DATE & TIME… as you can see there was NO date and time on any images, Andrew put on his text below the image.. again.. he can put anything he wants for us to believe it or not.
I use BB.. it does show the date and time on file’s name. For example in file name (mine):
IMG00626-2013-04-29-0914 .. 00626 is how many pictures I took, 2013-04-29 is the date, and 0914 is the time (military time).. is 9:14 am

Posted by NO TRESPASSING on April 29, 2013

Ok Andrew, you took all those pictures… BUT I assume that all the text that you place below each images were not from you, correct? were they from from the media?

Also you mentioned on one of image “This is a zoomed in view from the last image. The red circle highlights the pressure cooker bomb that was used just moments after this photo was taken” and “The use of this explosive created an enormous cloud of smoke that covered the entire street”

Why were you NOT able to take a picture while the bomb explode? That should have been the best part.. of your story …

Question to everyone.. . how exactly the elder brother die? .. I think Andrew had different viewpoint.

Posted by NO TRESPASSING on April 29, 2013

“Also, there is a man looking up at you and he has a mustache. NO DANGER HERE? Why is this man nonchalantly standing next to accelerating car? I enlarged the photo to look at it…”

Good lord… look in the previous pictures the “man standing next to accelerating car” is a friggin trash can…I suggest you take your meds, and buy some glasses. You conspiracy nutters will see anything that helps your agenda. I find it somewhat amusing that Islamic radicals AND conspiracy nutters have both allowed themselves to be brain washed.

Posted by Dave on April 29, 2013

Martha, I have an iPhone 4 and I can post EXACT times photos are taken. If you use wifi and your wifi settings are accessible from your phone (I have a NETGEAR icon), click on Media and all your pics, their dates and times they were taken are right there.

Posted by JEP on April 29, 2013

There is also video footage of the older brother, handcuffed naked and put into the back of a cop car.

So how did he end up dead?

I think the cops made up the story about the younger brother running him over.

Posted by Tamalean in cop car on April 29, 2013

Your account of all this was very detailed considering you were in such a dangerous location! I find it interesting your photos are labeled in the hh:mm:ss format when you took them from an iphone5. My iPhone5 doesn’t do that. How were you able to watch this unfold in such detail and record the time of each photo to the second?

Posted by Martha on April 29, 2013

Ok conspiracy nut jobs, here’s the deal:
These were smal town police, so I can see where they might be terrified in a gun fight and just kind of hide and shoot randomly. Plus during the chase, they were tossing IEDs out the windows at the cops. Cops were pretty freaked.
They did find the suv and have shown pictures of it. The owner left his iPad in the car and that is how they found the car before and then after the shoot out.

There was lots of confusion, and sure, the cops are doing some ass covering so they don’t look too stupid. Not a conspiracy.

This shoot out had to take place outside someone’s house, and everyone has a camera or camera phone. Don’t have to be a CIA plant. If he was, he would have removed the screens from windows for better pictures. No wait, that’s just what we would expect CIA to do, so they put screens on to make it more realistic. Yea, that’s the ticket.

And no, we are not out to rule the world. If you believe Obama is part of that, then you need to have your head examined. Again.

Posted by AlienLoveChild on April 28, 2013

Conspiracy theorists? We are trying to save this country from its demise and there is nothing admirable in accepting the narrative as given. A defense attorney certainly would not. If you cannot see the two men in the street get some glasses. Or better yet, read 1984 by Orwell.

Posted by Patriot 2 on April 28, 2013

Iraq was a nice place to live under Sadam? Perpetualwar – Sadam kept a lid on the warring factions for sure, through brutalizing the people of Iraq.

And conspiracy theorists: get out of your own smelly underpants and breathe some reality once in awhile. Step away from the XBox and Alex Jones website. Jesus H. Christ – just because news is delivered in real time now, with conflicting reports as networks race each other for headlines does not a government conspiracy make. Blame falls elsewhere – and if in fact government knowledge is purposely not revealed at the time, most likely it has to do with keeping back case facts in order to know who really had the facts correctly out of the people interviewed.

Posted by Hazura Jane on April 28, 2013

Why were they just parked there though? Is that street a dead end? And I guess it’s safe to say they were driving in separate cars at the time of the police chase but why stop there, why not drive on?

Posted by Delores Haze on April 28, 2013

You conspiracy freaks are high. Your attempts at trying to undermine this great country are pathetic at best. God bless the USA!!! the greatest nation in the world!

Posted by John W. Booth on April 28, 2013

They threw a pressure cooker one house length at cops who were at the far end of the street??

Posted by LongShot on April 28, 2013

url for police scanner and does not match photos


Posted by The Emperor's New Clothes on April 28, 2013

url for police scanner and does not match photos


Posted by The Emperor's New Clothes on April 28, 2013

Your url went to the ACLU for review of photos

Posted by The Emperor's New Clothes on April 28, 2013

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