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About Usold

Have you ever lost a flash drive? Forgotten it at home or in your desk? Left one in a public computer? All the sudden all of your work is missing when you need it most.  Our products are the solutions to these problems…

At OnHand we have identified a disconnect in our increasingly technological world.  Our online reputations are becoming more visible and in some cases more influential than our physical presence.  Now all of our important information is tied to the digital world and we must all carry around our digital library with us wherever we go. But currently the products we use don’t match our needs.  We need something that is easy to keep track of and ready to do go when we need it.

Our solution is...


The story behind OnHand

The MoH Band was first conceived as a classroom project at Babson College in 2010. Andrew Kitzenberg, the founder of OnHand (previously Memory on Hand), had lost numerous flash drives during his time at Babson.  Regularly using them to backup papers and projects, there was usually a minor meltdown when one was lost. Realizing that many other students were having this same problem, Andrew conceived a new USB wristband that would be a fitting product solution. It was easy to keep track of and allowed him to always carry his important files on him. After playing around with the idea and testing designs Andrew saw the benefits of the MoH Band™ firsthand as he wore the initial prototype.  At semester's end Andrew had completed delivery on his first sale and decided to pursue the business after graduating. Since graduating in May of 2010, Andrew partnered up with friend and classmate Jeff Brayer and together they have brought the MoH Band to students all over the country.